Business advisory

Business planning

Citroen Wells has a great deal of experience in writing business plans for clients that prove to be convincing to potential buyers or investors.

Preparing a business plan is usually the first of several stages in selling your business or raising finance, and requires careful thought and concentrated effort. Citroen Wells can help tailor your plan to ensure that your strategy is both realistic and achievable.

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Business start-up

Starting up in business can be a daunting prospect, with budding entrepreneurs all too often left to fend for themselves. At Citroen Wells we will help you to cut through the red tape and support you at a crucial time in the life cycle of your business.

If setting up a company is the best course of action for your business, we can arrange for UK and overseas company formations. Give us the opportunity to work with you and guide you through this complex process.

Directors of UK limited companies are required by law to maintain registers of shareholders, directors, mortgages and other company details. Directors must file annual returns at Companies House and file forms whenever specific events occur, such as the appointment of a new director, an increase in share capital or the allotment of shares. Unless you are really experienced in this role it can be a full-time job. Use our experienced team to ensure complete compliance with all company secretarial and statutory matters.

We look after the statutory obligations for many of our clients, so we have the experience to act quickly and efficiently. We have dedicated software and online access to Companies House, making the whole process both fast and painless.

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Business support

Any accountancy firm worth their salt should be able to look after your essential compliance requirements. It is the extra value that we offer that makes us stand out from the crowd.

We want you to consider us your business partner, working with you to ensure the best possible financial outcome for you and your business.

We make it our business to know your business – and that level of understanding means that we are able to assist you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Business planning and advice
  • Raising business finance
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial management
  • Financial information systems
  • Computer systems advice
  • Cashflow forecasting and management
  • Efficient billing and cash collection
  • Human resources management and procedures
  • Long term plans for your business and your exit

... and much more.

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