Media and entertainment

Citroen Wells has a broad and extensive experience in advising media-based clients and creative talent.

We work for a wide variety of clients within the music and entertainment industry, including record companies, bands, writers, publishing companies, TV presenters and other media professionals.

Our media clients come to us for advice and support in the following principle areas:

  • Bookkeeping and advice on the adoption of best accounting practice
  • Audit and statutory compliance
  • Financial advice/management consultancy
  • Minimising tax/VAT liabilities, including international tax issues
  • Dealing with HMRC
  • The use of companies and trusts
  • Preparation of budgets, cashflow statements and forecasts
  • Establishing pension schemes and similar tax-efficient arrangements
  • Dealing with royalties and royalty audits
  • Succession planning.

If you are a media-based client and would like to discuss how Citroen Wells can assist you, contact us to arrange a no-cost meeting today.

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