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Graduate Trainee Accountant (ACA)

Citroen Wells is a 11 partner firm of Chartered Accountants, based in the West End of London.

We are not currently recruiting but will be opening applications in late Spring of 2024 for our August and September 2024 intakes. We have high standards and will be looking for candidates with excellent academic qualifications as well as drive, ambition and a hunger for success.

In return, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary and an excellent package (with salary increases based on exam success and work performances). There is also huge potential to progress within the firm and it's our belief that each trainee has a chance of becoming a partner in our firm, and we'll give you every opportunity to achieve your full potential. And it does happen - five of our current partners joined the firm as trainees, and many others have progressed from trainee to hold senior positions within the firm.

If you are interested in finding out more about a training contract with Citroen Wells, please send your CV and a brief introduction to

At Citroen Wells You're More Than Just An Employee...

The partners and staff at Citroen Wells work closely together as a team. We demand a mutual respect and understanding for each other which has allowed us to function and expand as a team within a solid framework. Success at Citroen Wells is generated by a combination of individual effort and effective team work. We ensure our trainees learn and understand how commercial decisions are made.

We hold quarterly social events and trainees continue to be recognised for their hard work with the chance to win a cash reward for “trainee of the year”.

The benefits of training with a medium-size firm like Citroen Wells

A major benefit of training with a medium-sized firm is the depth and variety of assignments you will be involved with. You will also have exposure to a wide range of clients of all sizes in various industry sectors. You may be working on an audit one week, where you will be involved in the preparation of financial statements and corporation tax returns to complement your audit knowledge. The following week you may be working with the personal tax or trust teams. No two weeks are the same and this gives you the opportunity to work with many different audit teams, managers and partners, learning new and interesting things from all. You will benefit from direct involvement with our partners, who will take an active interest in your development and support you through your training.

Generally, you will spend part of your working time outside the office working at clients’ premises. Most clients are based within the Greater London area, but you can also expect to spend some time outside Greater London. A typical assignment might last a couple of weeks, some more, some less. You start as a junior member of a team of two to four people. As you gain experience and seniority, you will be given the opportunity to start leading audit teams and take on additional responsibilities. By the time you reach the end of your final year of training with us you will have a well-rounded set of practical and personal skills and a clear idea of how you want your career to develop beyond your training contract.

Citroen Wells Specialties:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Authors and Publishers
  • Creative and Software
  • Restaurants, Food and Drink distribution
  • Retail and Fashion
  • Property Development, Property Management and Construction
  • Medical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • FCA Registered Businesses
  • Solicitors and Legal Professionals
  • Charities
  • Academies
  • UK and Offshore Trusts

Student profile:

Stephanie Moulds

It was my interest in financial crime and my taster accounting module at university that sparked my interest in the ACA qualification. Having looked into it a little more, I soon realised how prestigious it was and that it was exactly what I wanted from my career - guidance and a clear path of progression. I was very open-minded when searching for positions, as I knew I didn’t have any experience in the field and therefore wasn’t sure what I would enjoy working on the most. After looking through job postings and graduate schemes, I quickly realised that I wanted to train in a medium-sized firm, as they offered more than just experience in audit. Citroen Wells immediately stood out as they work across a variety of industries - from media and entertainment to solicitors and FCA-regulated clients, and offer experience in audit, accounting and tax.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of responsibility I was given from the beginning, as well as the fact that I had the opportunity to work directly for the partners, all while feeling supported by everyone I worked with. Within a few months of starting my training contract I had worked with the majority of seniors and managers at the firm, which made me feel more a part of a team and less like just another employee. Regular meetings with the training manager have also been a benefit, as they focus not only on feedback on my work, but also on my development - what aspects of the job I’ve enjoyed the most and what skills I would like to improve.

While studying for the ACA is time-consuming and it can be difficult to say no to a night out with exams around the corner, nothing feels as good and rewarding as passing those exams. I haven’t looked back since I applied for a training contract at Citroen Wells, and I would advise anyone looking for a breadth of experience to apply to a medium-sized firm!

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