Corporate social responsibility

At Citroen Wells we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously.

We support a range of London causes to enrich the lives of those in the local community. Our team regularly participate in fundraising events around London and we strive to have a positive impact on those around us.

As well as working to uphold our responsibility to the community, the practice is firmly committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate professionalism at all times.

Under the Criminal Finances Act 2017, which came into effect on 30 September 2017, relevant bodies, such as companies and partnerships who fail to prevent their employees, agents or other associated persons from criminally facilitating tax evasion will be subject to criminal offences.

The partners and staff at Citroen Wells adhere to strict guidelines governing tax and accountancy practice and the avoidance of criminal tax evasion. We will always work in a professional manner to uphold the highest standards of financial and corporate integrity.

Cancer Research Fundraiser – June 2022

As a firm, 26 of us participated in Cancer Research’s Walk 100 miles in June challenge.

Every member smashed their 100 mile target with some even walking more than 300 miles in the month!

We raised a massive £5,245 for such a worthy cause, blowing our target out of the water.

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